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I am a Thornhill, Ontario, based photographer and digital media artist who uses these formats to spotlight issues important to me, often related to social injustice and individual freedom. I am less aligned to a particular style or genre than a disposition towards life.

Born in Maine, I moved to Canada in 1957.  I graduated with a Bachelor, Computer Science from Concordia University in Montreal (1979) which was followed by an enjoyable and satisfying career in the technology field.  By 2015 I found that my interest in photography had outpaced my interest in technology and so I switched tracks. 

In 2016 I was accepted into the Masters of Fine Arts, Documentary Media, at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson). Since graduating in 2018 I have undertaken several projects and residencies.     

Being born of immigrants has prompted my interests in migration, heritage and cultural change at an individual and national level.  Having had family members on both sides of World War II has shaped my perspective on social injustice, freedom and my sensitivity to acts that impede these.  

My master’s thesis explored some of these issues through the lens of my family’s change in norms and ethnicity over four generations.

I welcome comments on topics I post in my blog: what do I think or on my contact page.