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As I noted before, I fall into the “Haplogroup I” category. The test results I received from the National Geographic Society Genographic Project took my group to the Balkins but left me there. Other material cite the “I” group as the Viking haplotype. So, the question that came to mind was an apparent contradiction in locations.

I’ve found some other references that help explain the apparent discrepency. The suggestion is that the original migration out of the middle east was contained to the Balkins until the end of the Ice Age (about 12,000 years ago). As the ice retreated, migration northward was possible.

Two questions remained for me. First, was to confirm that I fall into the “I1a” group and second to confirm the domain occupied by that group. Research found earlier locating “I1a” to Saxony seemed too convenient.

Using Whit’s Haplogroup predictor, I entered the values for each of the STRs measured in my test. The results indicate a high probability that I fall into the “I1a” group. This offered the confirmation I was looking for.

Further research suggests the distribution of that group as shown on the above map. Thus while I1a seems most heavily present in the Scandinavian countries, it does extend southward to the locale of my father’s homeland.


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