May 26th: Munster and Koblenz


cafe where we had lunchThis day was a travel day, taking us from Lubeck, through Munster ending up in Koblenz.

We arrived in Munster for lunch. It turned out to be a holiday and for the most part, things were closed. However, we did find a sidewalk cafe, and sat down for lunch.

church from which we heard the organ music

There were very few people walking the streets, and being in a pedestrian area there were no cars. From the cafe we could hear the organ music in the near-by church. It was pleasing to hear this background on an otherwise quiet day.

While in Munster I was hoping to have some of the famous Munster cheese, but as it was a holiday, and everything was closed, I was out of luck.

We left Munster and drove south to the Rhineland, destination Koblenz.

Following our normal procedures we set the navigation computer to “city centre.” From there we were usually in close proximity to a tourist bureau where we could find out which hotels were available. On arriving we found a parking spot and started our search.

wine merchant

I knew we had arrived in the Rhineland when I saw our first wine merchant. It was a good sign!

We found a hotel located on the Rhine. Looking out across the river we had a tremendous view of river boats and castles.
castle across the river from our hotel

After we settled in we took a walking tour of the city. We were about 500M from the famous “Deutsche Eche” (German Corner) which is the point where the Mosel and Rhine meet.

the German Corner, where the Rhine and Mosel meet

We walked around the corner along the Mosel side of the city, then returned back to the hotel

Mosel side of Koblenz

That night we had spectacular view of the castle we saw across the river during the day.

Night-time view of castle across the River from our hotel


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