Golf and the Stratford Experience


In my earlier posting on our recent visit to Stratford I didn’t really go into a lot of detail on Margaret and Janice, the women we were paired with on Saturday. It is really an encouraging story, especially for those like my wife and I who have started golf at a later stage in life.

Margaret, is 83 years old. She has the characteristic humpback of one who is suffering osteoporosis, can barely make a 1/3 backswing, and is blind in one eye. Yet, she hits the ball consistently, albeit generally less that one hundred yards, rarely off the fairway.

Janice, though younger, suffers carpal tunnel syndrome, and as a result, while she can do a full backswing, cannot swing through beyond one quarter of the way through. Although less accurate than Margaret, she can hit the ball, sometimes well over 100 yards.

As I said earlier, they play nine holes together every day. But there’s more. They go on golf vacations, to Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

So, I still have time to enjoy the game. How encouraging.


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