SMS Hertha

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SMS Hertha armoured cruiser of the Victoria Luise class. Built by A G Vulcan at Stettin, laid down in 1896 launched 14th April 1897 and completed 27th July 1898. The Victoria Luise class Cruisers were intended for Colonial Service where she served until 1905. She was re-boilered during refit in 1906 – 1908 at Kiel Dockyard becoming two funneled instead of three.

After 1908 SMS Hertha became a cadet training ship in 1908 and at the outbreak of war she was mobilized into the 5th Scouting group which was the cruiser training squadron in the Baltic. This only lasted until the end of 1914 when she was again de commissioned and used as an accommodation ship. Disarmed in 1916 finally stricken on the 6th December 1919 and scrapped 1920 at Audorf-Rendsburg.
Displacement: 5,800 tons to 6,389 tons. Speed: 18.5 knots, Coal Fired Compliment; 477 Armament: Two 210mm (8.2 inch) guns Eight 150mm (5.9 inch guns) Ten 88mm (3.4 inch ) Ten machine guns and Three 450mm (18 inch) Torpedo Tubes (1 bow and Two Stern) all submerged


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