A Day in the Life: Technical Difficulties


I’ve been having technical problems with my PC. It started with infrequent crashes and degenerated into regular crashes during or just after start up. The result was I often had to cycle through several boot sequences before the systems stabilized. I tried to find the source of the problem being reported. Evidently I had a problem with some unnamed device driver. Which one was the problem. I reviewed most of then to check if more current versions were available, as recommended by the troubleshooter. No luck. I decided to restore the operating system which I hoped would resolve the problems; bring everything back to a checkpoint.

Alas, my hopes were not realized. I now get blue screens on a regular basis, my fingerprint reader doesn’t work any more, I can’t get into control panel, and for some reason the start up time had been materially lengthened.

Sadly this has had some impact on my ability to update my blog. It looks like I will have to pull out the rubber glove and find some time to conduct a software enema. An unpleasant process, but sometimes it just has to be done. Given my busy golf schedule it may be some time before I can find a slot long enough.


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