Travel: New York City (Eric and Alba’s Wedding)

Erin, William and Carolyn

So, we have another Hertha woman in the family. Not too many of them, five to be exact: Alba, Carolyn, Erin, Jeannie, and Linda … a very select group (I think Alba has more sisters than that).The reception was held June 18th in New York. I’ve included one of my favourite pictures from the reception which is–from left to right–of my niece (Erin), my son (William) and daughter (Carolyn).Carolyn catching the bouquet The complete set of picture is in my photo album.

I have also included the picture that drove a spike of fear through my backbone and exploded outward from there through my whole nervous system: Carolyn catching the bouquet.

My father made a wonderful speech on how “little decisions” can have big impact. After my brother’s first wife passed away he decided to sell his house and move closer into work. A rather obvious decision, and certainly quite logical. He had put in an offer on a condominium, but in the end the deal fell through. As a result, Eric found an apartment with a view to looking for another condominium. His neighbour was Alba. I guess he married the girl next door.


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