Observations: Is life more complicated?


Twenty years ago, when we moved to Thornhill, garbage collection was twice-weekly. The procedure involved a garbage bag in the house and when full, removing it to the garbage can. In our case, located in the garage. On the appointed days, the garbage can was move to the curb in the morning. As if by magic, on returning from home, the once full can were now empty.

Today, collection is once per week, and the item formally known as garbage has been categorized into: garbage, Blue Box, yard waste, green box, appliances, recycling depots, backyard composting, household hazardous wastes, and electronics recycling. For us the in-house garbage bag is supplemented with individual receptacles for: plastics and tin cans, newspaper, fine paper, compostable items, and non-compostable food items. While recyclable items are collected weekly, “garbage” and yard waste are only collected every second week. I never remember which week it is.


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