Observations: Is life more complicated (#2)?


When I was a child, say 40 years ago, to execute a banking transaction meant a visit to the local branch. It had to be my home branch, and I had to have my passbook. I remember standing in line, but I also remember knowing most of the tellers. The branch was located next to my barber shop, where I would have my hair cut weekly. My banking needs were quite modest, and so extended banking hours, inter-branch, inter-bank banking was not really missed.

Today, I have multiple options: any branch, any ABM, telephone, and internet. Although I can’t deposit or withdrawal money through the internet, I can pay my bills. Paying bills is a big thing. I can truly let my fingers do the walking. I sign on, select the bills to pay, confirm, write the reference number on the bill stub, file the bill stub and done. I don’t need to: write a cheque, post the cheque amount to my journal, complete the payment slip, stuff all that into an envelope, find a stamp, realize I don’t have any stamps, go to the post office, buy a stamp and then mail the letter. Have you ever tried to find a mail box these days?. Five minutes versus 30 minutes.

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