Humour: The Camel

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An archeologist from a well-known museum travels to Egypt to investigate a newly discovered site deep in the desert. On his arrival he is advised that the only reliable form of transportation is via camel at which point he is referred to “Abdul” the camel dealer.

The archeologist finds Abdul’s dealership, and states his needs. Abdul says “well then I sell you this fine camel: she is friendly and easy to ride; good for a novice. I have only one word of caution.”

“What’s that?” asked the archeologist.

“Never raise your voice to the camel, be polite.” So, the archeologist took the camel back to where he was staying, packed the camel and prepared to leave. Remembering Abdul’s advice, he spoke slowly and quietly to the camel: “Ok Camel, I am going to get on top of you now.” And with that the archeologist climbed up on the camel. “Ok Camel, please stand up.” asked the archeologist. But there was no response by the camel. The archeologist asked again and again, using softer, politer tones and terms, but all to no effect.

Finally the archeologist gave up and called Abdul for help. Abdul arrived, asked the archeologist to get up on the camel. Abdul then walked in front of the camel and asked him politely to stand up, but with no results. After a few minutes of this, Abdul looked around, found a large 2×4 piece of wood and clubbed the camel over the head and asked the camel to get up, which she did.

Astounded, the archeologist said “I thought you were supposed to be polite?”

“Yes” said Abdul, “But sometime you have to get their attention first.”

Sometime I feel like a camel.


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