Observations: You are what you eat


You are what you eat. A popular saying certainly some 30 years ago. But a physical perspective on things.

What about what you do, think or do and regret? Are these actions part of you too? Presumably they are at least manifestations of the mind. Does the exception remain as a part of you or does recognition and acceptance that an action is regrettable purge it? Or is it merely an ingredient in the bouillabaisse of life: an unplanned spice who’s taste either sweetens or sullies depending on the response and learnings extracted.

If no internal remedy is possible then how are issues resolved? The essence of the code developed by Hammurabi some 3,700 years ago was to put closure on reactions: “an eye for an eye” (and that’s all). I suspect church confessions play a similar role; a means to formally resolve such issues. May be. Or is it just a forced sweetener for the unplanned spice. Probably less effective.


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