A Day in the Life: New Keyboard: Part 2

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Previously I wrote about my new keyboard. A good keyboard, but I’ve switched to another with even more buttons (a key value criterion) and an integrated fingerprint reader: the Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader.

Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader The package includes a wireless optical mouse, with a scroll button. Unlike my previous mouse, this scroll button has a smooth and continuous feel.

The footprint of the keyboard is a normal size, and thus I return some space on my desk. But in the end the additional buttons more than compensate.

And the fate of the small keyboard? It is now my wife’s and she is quite happy with it.

There is but one disturbing thing. The keyboard comes with a health warning:

“Use of a keyboard or mouse may be linked with serious injuries or disorders.”

What are these injuries and disorders? How can one be injured by a keyboard, unless it becomes some form of projectile? Why would it become a projectile unless some disorder of the mind is inflicted through use? I take some comfort in that the warning is stated in a form that leads me to believe that such issues are not linked specifically to this manufacturer but in fact are of concern to all regardless of manufacturer. And therefore, having been a heavy user of keyboards and mice for many years and apparently not suffering any of these symptoms, I feel confident I can continue to use the product with no ill effect. Or is this assessment the result of a disordered mind?


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