Travel: Niagara Golf Trip (updates)


Wendy sent some more pictures to add to my previous post. The complete set can be found in my photo gallery.

From left to right: Jason, Wendy, Leslie, Jo-ann, Ellen, Olga, Linda and meIn front of the hotel in Niagara Falls, from left to right: Jason, Wendy, Leslie, Jo-ann, Ellen, Olga, Linda and me. Jason and I were invited so that we could do the driving.

Wine tasting at Vineland winery. No worry about drinking too much there.

The group watching the tight-rope walker. The rope was strung between the Hilton Hotel and the Casino, a distance of 300+ meters at a height of 150+ meters. It was windy too.

Ellen, Wendy and Jason with the tight-rope walker, Jay Cochrane. He’s 62 years old.

The photograph above shows the casino in the background. In this case he is actually walking between the Casino and the Skylon. We walked around the casino, on the ground. Jay clearly gets a much better view from his vantage point. However, I was satisfied with the view from the ground. I’m afraid of heights. This fear started in 1973 as a result of sky diving. I was OK until after completing 3 jumps.

I took up sky diving because I wanted to deal with a real challenge. Jumping out of a plane from 3,000 feet (we used feet in those days) seemed to be that. I wanted to see if I could conquer the fear. It turned out, at the time, I experience no significant fear or at least not to the extent I had expected. So initially the whole experience seemed a flop. I did it three times just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. But may be not, now I’m afraid of heights. The reason I wasn’t really afraid is because I had faith. I had faith in the equipment, the training, etc. It turns out it was probably more dangerous flying in the little airplane that took us up. It had to make emergency landings on several other occations.


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