A Day in the Life: The New Washing Machine-Part 2

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We fired up the new machine today. This specialized, German-engineered CRS (Clothing Revitalization System) requires special “HE” detergent.

HE (High Efficiency) detergent is “specially formulated for your high efficiency washer to give you outstanding stain removal for your clothes.”

As well, it contains no phosphates. A key consideration since my conversion to the “one-tonne challenge.”

Console of the CRS: note the red lighting and the digital display reporting time remaining

As noted earlier, this CRS is well-buttoned. As can be seen in the photograph above it has two panels providing vital information on the operating mode and status of the revitalization cycle. Notice the red lights with the digital display reading out the time remaining in the revitalization cycle.

The results: It runs very quietly and after it’s spinning cycle the clothes are almost dry. Incredible.

My daughter will love this system!


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