Observations: First Impressions


I’m told that hand-made Persian carpets contain flaws. Errors made intentionally by the artisan. Why? The reason that was given me was that only God (Allah) is perfect. All too often we see the flaws and not the carpet.

My parents fostered in me a fundamental trust in people. So even though like the Persian carpet there may be some flaws, each person has something to give, something that is worth while. This I have learnt to be true on several occasions.

My first experience was in high school when I was introduced to a friend of a friend. I don’t recall the circumstances, but we did not hit it off. Over time our mutual dislike grew into a friendship that continues to this day, over 35 years later.

Over time the issues moved from friendship to ideas and opinions. I have learnt that it takes time and energy to understand the ideas of others and move beyond the prejudices of first impressions to see the truth. I have found that in most cases it is worth while. From these learnings I have built a certain patience to work through to a point of understanding and thus recognition. There comes a certain faith that this will eventually happen.


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