Observation: Without Purpose

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There are many things in life that we do with intent; a clear purpose. I work to provide things for me and my family; I bought a car for transportation; I golf for pleasure and enjoyment; I workout at the gym to keep healthy and fit.

Recently I started to grow a beard. There was no plan, no objective; I just stopped shaving. People started asking me why I was growing a beard and suddenly I felt the pressure to explain and how quickly they came mind: it makes me look evil or it’s part of my contribution to the one-tonne challenge to help offset the negative effects of heavy consumption of pumpernickel, et certera, et cetera.

But in the end, these were just ramblings to satisfy a question. So now I’m clear about it and when asked I just say “no reason.” This made me think how many things I do without some purpose. Not many, none that immediately come to mind. So it actually becomes quite refreshing and in fact a new experience: to do something without purpose.

I hope this does not become a purpose in itself.


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