A Day in the Life: Pushing the boundaries of trust


I was reading an article on how Sony is surreptitiously installing DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology as a rootkit on Windows PCs [1]. F-secure explains rootkits as follows: [2]

The term rootkit is very old and is dated back to the days when UNIX ruled the world. Rootkits for the UNIX operating system were typically used to elevate the privileges of a user to the root level (=administrator). This explains the name of this category of tools.
Rootkits for Windows work in a different way and are typically used to hide malicious software from for example an antivirus scanner. Rootkits are typically not malicious by themselves but are used for malicious purposes by viruses, worms, backdoors and spyware. A virus combined with a rootkit produces what was known as full stealth viruses in the MS-DOS environment.

I downloaded their software intended to detect rootkits; none were found.


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