A Day in the Life: It was twenty years ago today …


Well, it may not be about sergeant Pepper but November 20th marks the twentith anniversary of Windows:

November 20, 2005, marks the twentieth anniversary of Microsoft’s release of Windows 1.0, one of the most important events in PC history. Even the staunchest Mac or OS/2 devotees must acknowledge that Windows has had a profound impact on the world of computing [1]

The history of the metaphore can be traced back as far as 1945 with the memex system which introduced concepts that evolved into hypertext and a pointing device (mouse). However the first instantiation was the NLS system from SRI in the 1960’s. The next major step was “WIMP” from Xerox PARC, implemented on the Xerox Altos. The 1980’s brought Lisa, Mac and Windows[2].


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