Travel: Orlando


Saturday, Linda and I flew down to Orlando: me for a conference and Linda, for fun. This was the first time I had flown West Jet. Hence, I can claim a “new experience.”

West Jet seems to be a good example of what Michael Raynor, Co-Author of “The Innovator’s Solution” would call disruptive innovation. More on that in a later blog. On the one hand the seats are leather, there is sufficient leg room and each position has its own TV screen. Head-sets, food and alcoholic drinks come at a cost; soft drinks are still free.

The flight to Orlando was $201.00 Canadian, plus $73.02 in various taxes. This seems to be a good price. When you have a price point at that seemingly low level you get, well, in this instance a lot of young families. And it turns out that a lot of young families have, well, young children. I lost count after 20 of them. In our position we had babies screaming on 3 of 5 potential points. The good news was they were not all screaming at the same time; rather they took turns in sequence. It was as if orchestrated by some higher and obviously more supreme being. I took this as another one of life’s little tests of patience. I believe I successfully passed.

My secrete? Once I realized that their malorderous diapers could be use to benefit I passed the the remainder of the flight completely free of the stress of gas build-up. It’s my pumpernickel diet.

Some factoids:

Cost of ticket

  • Fare: 201.00
  • Nav/Ins Surcharge: 7.50
  • Toronto AIF: 15.00
  • GST: 16.20
  • Security Tax: 7.94
  • US Tax: 26.38
  • Total: 274.02
  • Tax: 73.02, 36.3%

Top speed was about 526 mph @ 40,888 ft


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