Humour: Conference Networking

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Going to conferences present many opportunities, but one that is especially beneficial is networking. Sometimes interesting conversations ensue. Other times, they are more fun. During the keynote one fellow attendee observed some misalignment of lips and words and concluded that the speakers were actually lip synching.

As keynotes are held in a room large enough to hold all attendees (1,200) for most the only way to see the speaker is on the giant screens. And for this conference there were three of them. As well, given the size of the room, a microphone is essential. And as we all know once a microphone is involved who knows what the true source of the voice is?

“But,” I said, “they take questions from the audience.” “Ah,” he said, “all the questions are in written form. You don’t really know if they are really questions from the audience or whether they are questions that the organizers prepared weeks in advance and then pre-recorded the answers.” This was true, I had no come back.

The only way to test it was to have one of my written questions answered. In submitted questions for each session I attended and finally at one my question was read allowed. Now this is where it gets tricky. It could be that they lip synch only in keynotes, but in the smaller sessions it’s just not possible to get away with it. In any case, my question was read, but the answer seemed to be for a different one.

Results: inconclusive.


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