Month August 2006

Are they after me?

Bob Dylan selling iPods. You can see the full commercial on the Apple Web site. He’s looking old, but I guess that’s part of the sell.

What I did on my summer vacation

During the summer, rather than take a couple of weeks off, only to return to hundreds of e-mails, I take a day off here and there. Today was one of those days: See Slide Show for more

Pitching out to save par

There is a commercial on TV that relates the experience and the learnings of golf to those of life in general. This company is not the first to make that relationship, I suspect many who play the game do as…

Entry 339

I have been able to add in many of the capabilities that I dropped in my initial move to the new blogging platform. For example you will see the news items in the right column have returned. I think I’ll…

Last Lesson

Yesterday presented one of the first signals of the end of the golf season: the last golf lesson. Our First lesson was back in April; time goes by quickly. But, I’m sure there are another 8 to 10 weeks of…