Month October 2006


While the English version of the announcement said our destination is Varadero, the French announcement said it was Nunavoot. This may be my last post for a week, unless there is RIM access in Cuba…stay tuned

Just boarded

First order of business is to check out the airline magazine just to see what new business/technical models are emerging across the horizon. Looks like a full flight. I’m not quite sure why so many people want to leave beautiful…

Canadian Taxes are very low

Judging by the miniscule price difference between items offered in the duty-free shop and elsewhere this is the obvious conclusion.

Tim Hortons: surprise

Trying ordering 2 coffees, one with double cream and the other with one cream two sugars and then see what you get. The order gets mixed up so frequently that I can only conclude it’s a fundamental wiring problem with…

At the Airport

Well, they say arrive 2-3 hours in advance and we’re here 2 hours before boarding…and no one is at checkin, well only a long line of passengers. The good news is it’s raining and the forecast for Toronto is for…