A Day in the life: A New Years Day Brunch


It’s been a while since we enjoyed Dim Sum with my mother-in-law. Usually we go out Sunday morning, but with golf and other things it’s been a little while. Today’s menu is below, followed by a translation.

What I find so enjoyable is the diverisity that one can consume with dim sum; no one dish takes over a meal. If there is one dish you don’t enjoy, you can skip it as there are plenty of others. Dim sum is a meal best enjoyed with others, preferably lots of others so a wide range of different dishes can be ordered.

While there were just the three of us at the table, our virtual table included my son and daughter who, although at home, will be the beneficiary our the left overs.

Lunch Menu
  1. Shrimp dumplings
  2. Baby bok choi dumplings
  3. Phoenix Talons (Chicken feet – a favourite)
  4. Steamed sticky rice
  5. Chinese chive dumplings
  6. Duck tongue with mushrooms (a delicacy)
  7. Baby beef ribs
  8. Crispy cuttle fish (another favourite)
  9. Steamed Chinese green vegetables
  10. Shrimp rice roll (a rice crepe with shrimp filling)
  11. Beef rice roll (a rice crepe)
  12. Spring roll
  13. Baby octopus
  14. Pork with rice (my mother-in-law likes this)
  15. BBQ-pork buns


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