Breaking 80, #4


My objective for this year is to break 80 at least once, specifically at Bloomington Downs Golf Course. Bloomington is a modest 6,000 yard par 72 course, albeit unrated. The course holds sentimental value as it was the first par 72 course I played, as well, it represents a consistent benchmark for me.

Breaking 80 is not too unreasonable to expect; last year my best score at that course was 84. As I have noted in previous posts, I have been taking steps towards that goal.

The pattern is quite clear; the goatee is a major step forward. Certainly the regular practice, the lessons (from no less than a top-ten instructor in Canada, Bruce McCarrol), the study, monitoring my statistics to find the weak points in my game all play a role, but none so pivotal as the goatee. This will be my source of strength. I will be a Samson.


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