Fountain of Hope


It has come time to comment.

Recently, radical elements in blogsphere have commented on my optimistic predictions related to the opening of the golf season. To provide some context, I organized a fund raising event to guess the opening day of golf at a specific course; the winner would collect 50% of the pot.

While I was quite happy to organize this event, I was put into a position of conflict. On the one hand, to show an example to my team, it was important that I contribute to the fundraising. But on the other hand, as the organizer, how would it appear if I had won? Solution: choose a date unlikely to win.

Winning is a relative term. It reflects an outcome in relation to some objective. The concept of winning has evolved from the primordial one of defeating the enemy in physical conflict to a more cerebral one. This is demonstrated in the notions of win-win, work-life balance and others. So, had the date I selected come to be the opening date, in relation to my objectives, this would not have been the desired outcome. As it was, however, the outcome was the desired one and I am quite happy about it.


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