Internal Design


I’ve completed a first draft of the bedroom redesign. This now represents our requirements so as we look for shelving products we have a benchmark; this will represent an integral part of the RFP.

The plan is to join our master bedroom with the adjacent bedroom using the latter as closet space. This will allow us to extend the washroom into the current walk-in closet area. In addition we expect to have sufficient space to have an exercise area for simple stretching and 5BX (I remember my Dad following the 5BX program in the 1960’s; apparently it has been off the market for many years)

Stage 1 is to determine which closet manufacturer to go with, they include:

With the choice of shelving complete we will be in a position to finalize the design of the closet area, as we will know where power and lighting need to be placed.

In stage 2 we will evaluate products for the washroom, and finalize the design for that area.

Stage 3 will start by contacting the contractor. We have the contractor lined up already. He has done work for us before and we are happy with his price-performance. The contractor will provide us the implementation costs.

Stage 4 will be implementation. I expect that implementation will start in June, as there is a 6 week delivery period for the shelving, although we can get the room prepared in advance of that.


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