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We have completed our initial pass with the vendors of walk-in closets [1]. There are three objectives of this phase: (1) finalize the design of the cabinetry; (2) get a sense of the cost; (3) select a vendor.

Hanging style solution

All products seem to be very similar in construction, design and options. There are two basic installation approaches: hanging (wall mounted) or floor-based solutions. Some point to the sturdiness of floor-based products, while others note the aesthetics of a wall-mounted cabinet. I instinctively tend towards the sturdiness argument, however, I will admit I didn’t really consider the two alternatives until they were presented. Our current closet uses wall-mounted components and they have served us for many years.

Floor-based solution

The basic building block is 3/4″ particleboard covered in melamine. I questioned whether particleboard is sturdy enough, but for this application the general consensus of opinion is that it is [2, 3, 4, 5]. Wood construction was not offered by any of the vendors and from what I can find in my research, most argue it is not worth the added cost. The usual recommendation is spend you money elsewhere.

Example showing pot lights, crown molding and fluted columns

So, with that advice, there are a few construction options to include:

  • Include built-in pot lights, to provide directed lighting
  • Crown moulding across the top with some fluted columns, to provide a sense of sturdiness to the construction
  • Upgraded hardware: hinges, full-extension sliders for the drawers, nice knobs to enhance the feel

We have gone back and forth on the finishing: wood or regular. While wood is nice, and provides a sense of warmth, it can be dark. As well, I’m not sure if it fits the mood of the house as a whole. We have settled on an antique-style finish, basically a creamy/almond colour. This should provide the right combination of warmth, and lightness. As for conveniences there are a few to get:

  • Valet rods, to hold clothing on a temporary basis
  • A Tie rack, not that I wear a lot of ties these days
  • A Belt rack

Our next step is to close on the price for the final design with the vendor.


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