Canada – US Boarder


Recently attention has be given to building a fence between Canada and the United States [listen to Senator Leahy on As It Happens) . Immigration has been cited as a key driver. It started with the proposal to build a fence along the Mexico-US boarder, and then the logic of the situation drove the discussion to consider other boarders. While the US has several neighbours, including the Bahamas, Cuba, Russia, unlike these, the Canada-US boarder is not separated by a natural hurdle of ice and water. Therefore building a 8,891km fence is the obvious solution.

There are several reasons why Canada should be interested in the construction of fence: control of drugs and firearms are probably the most relevant in today’s environment. But in the past, draft dodgers have resulted in friction in Canada-US relations and further in the past the defense of Canada was certainly an issue. Joint Army and Navy Basic War Plan – Red, prepared by the US army in the 1930’s suggests how recently such plans were under consideration. A more recent report [1] on those invasion plans notes that there is a history of military action between the two countries:

“…there have been real invasions of Canada by Americans in the past. During the Revolutionary War, General Benedict Arnold led a failed attack on Canada, and during the War of 1812 U.S. troops attacked Canadians several times, but were driven back. In 1839, Americans and Canadians met in a deadly confrontation over a border dispute… it cost the life of one American cow and a Canadian pig.

“In 1866, about eight hundred Irish-Americans in a group called the Fenian Brotherhood tried to make a statement for Irish independence by invading Canada to agitate the English. After crossing the Niagara River into Ontario they defeated a small group of Canadian militia. But when the British approached with a large force of troops, the Fenians mostly retreated back to the United States, where they were arrested. Some were captured by the Canadians and were eventually hanged.”

Would a fence protect us? The American think it will protect them.

Save our Pigs!


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