A disturbance in the force?


When Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, says it’s time to go nuclear [1] to satisfy our energy needs you have to sit back a moment and think has something changed? May be it depends on your assumptions.

Dr. Moore left Greenpeace in 1986. During that period he has continued to work on environmental issues, including sustainable forestry, climate change, geothermal energy supplies, and over this period he has come to the conclusion that of the alternatives to the primary means of electricity generation–coal, oil, gas–nuclear is the only one that is a reliable and dependable source at the scale it is needed. Looking at his resume, Moore seems to have the credentials to come to such a conclusion.

On his web site, Greenspirit, is a list of letters to the editor [2]. Many of them are signed:

Patrick Moore, PhD, Greenpeace co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Greenspirit Strategies Ltd., Vancouver, B.C.

The Washington Post article cited above concludes with the following post script:

Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, is chairman and chief scientist of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. He and Christine Todd Whitman are co-chairs of a new industry-funded initiative, the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, which supports increased use of nuclear energy.

While his conclusions may honestly result from a logical ordering of the facts, one cannot help but sense the taint of perversion. It is too bad that one must always review such things through the cynic’s lenses.


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