First Lesson

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Today was our regular Sunday stroll in the woods, this week at Scarlett Woods Golf Course. The course is in good shape and seems to have survived the winter well. For the observer, everything looks so fresh with the coolish air, the bright sun and the trees just budding. For those with allergies, it marks the beginning of a couple of tearful months.

This tree, which was unkindly positioned in the middle of the fairway by some sadistic golf architect, remains leafless. A craggy old stump, all of us found ourselves positioned such that it was between us and the pin. My second shot had hit the old rogue, which after the carnage that followed, offered some level of retribution. But quietly to ourselves, each of us cursed that tree and hoped it was indeed dead.

But that being said, we had our first golf lesson of the year yesterday. The improvement in Linda’s game as a result of just the one lesson is remarkable. It’s like the genie has been let out of the bottle. Her distance has increased remarkably, hitting the green in regulation on several occasions. Who said money can’t buy happiness.


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