Home improvement Update


We have now settled on all the components for our bathroom and bedroom closet. A long process that I first talked about April 2. Settling the closet area was the first step; settling the bathroom area was more complicated. There are more pieces and colours to co-ordinate. I have included photographs of the major element below as well as the current-state floor plan.

Tonight we will review the final plans with the contractor and then set the wheels in motion: implementation!

We have chosen a glass shower stall. This is consistent with the overall design simplicity we are trying to achieve; a separate shower unit would result in a discontinuity, breaking up the room into a smaller chunks, adding needless complexity.
The bath tub provides simple, angular lines. Being a drop-in style most of the tub is out of sight.
The faucet’s design is consistent with the mood of the room. Simple lines, yet encased in fine chromed steel, providing a modern look.


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