The case of the missing button


Sherlock Holmes once correctly determined that a man was a bachelor as he wore different coloured socks. The logic being that a good wife would have prevented this error from happening. Interesting logic, but what does it say about men?


Recently it was pointed out to me that I was missing a button on my shirt. It has been missing for some time now. The sign of a bad wife?

This woman thinks so. My mother-in-law. But then her benchmark is different than mine.

I don’t think I would expect such matters to be taken care of for me, even if my wife were a stay-at-home mom. It feels funny; subservient. There’s a difference between co-operation, sharing the load, and assignment of tasks. After we were first married we shared certain tasks. Over the years many of these have migrated on to one of us: Linda does the laundry; I do the yard work; we share the cooking, for example. But it just works that way.

Sewing on missing buttons is something I can do.


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