Day 2: Monday May 15


The day started with a workout in the gym. The equipment reminded me of what I saw in Cuba: functional but a little on the older side. But it works.

Linda enjoyed the pool. The pool is adjacent to the gym, located on the top floor of the hotel and enjoys an overview of Phillips Square and St. Catherine Street.

Our workout was followed by breakfast and the preparations to leave.

By the time we hit the road it was 10:00. We crossed the Pont Victoria Bridge rather than traverse the Bonaventure Autoroute to the Pont Champlain Bridge.

What was amazing about crossing the bridge was the traffic. There was none. At 10:15 on a Monday morning there was no traffic on the bridge. Montreal really is a different city.

We arrived at Phyllis’ place around noon. She lives in Foster, just outside of Knowlton. As one travels south from the Eastern Townships Autoroute along route 243 it is easy to see only the gravel and blacktop of the road. Located just 200 meters from 243, Phyllis’ house is located in a different world of forest, wildlife and a view that looks as if it were painted on canvass.



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