Day 6: Friday May 19


1: Sugarloaf, Maine
2: Waterville, Maine
3: Rockland/Rockport, Maine

Today we drove through Waterville on our way to Rockland. I tried to find some of the points of interest: downtown and places where we had lived. Heavy rain prevented us from taking a longer walk around the town, essentially limited to about a five block area, the end-point marked by where we had lunch (the Bread Box restaurant) on Main street. It is a small town, of about 15,000, but it has a character.

Samoset Resort was by far the most elegant of the places we had stayed in so far. Our room faced right on to the ocean, separated from the Atlantic by a thin line of green (the 3rd and 6th greens specifically). After landing we walked out to a lighthouse. The lighthouse is connected to the shore by a rock retaining wall which is almost 1 mile long.

Later we went to Rockport. We walked along the warf area and landed ourselves inside a book shop. Like many book stores these days, this one sold coffee and various baked goods, even though in this case the store was not a large multi-national endeavour, but rather a meek sole proprietorship packed into about a 25 by 25 foot area. We spoke to one of the owners, who had just received some clothing from a friend in Vietnam and was unpacking it as we were sipping our coffee. I asked her where she was from. She hesitated and said Rockport, but her accent contradicted that. She explained that she had travelled for a number of years and had ended up in Ireland and stayed there for nearly 10 years. Now she has returned to her home town, works part time in the book store and arranges weekly poetry and or book readings. Not so much to discuss the written material itself, but as conversation starter. A book store with a comfortable little lounge area is quite an idyllic setting.



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