Day 7: Saturday May 20



1: Samoset Resort
2: Owls Head Point
3: Cape Clyde

We had two main activities for today: first to explore down the coast to Cape Clyde and second (as the weather was permitting) a game of golf. I’ll let pictures do the talking for today, but while the expedition down the coast was interesting, the golf was great: first time there was no rain.


I have added text to the picture below to explain what they are
Early morning view from room window:
View facing east from the deck of the hotel suite taken about 5:30AM
Tour down the coast:
Picture of General Store in Port Clyde Picture of a stop sign on a 3 foot post.  There must be a lot of short people in Maine Picture of coast line around Owls Head Picture from light house at Owls Head facing into Rockland Picture of lighthouse near Port Clyde
Picture from the golf game:


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