The Air Conditioner is Down


We have been doing some work around the house, upgrading the closet and bathroom off the master bedroom. The labourers seem quite content to leave the doors wide open in weather where the temperature exceeds 30C. This was probably too much for the air conditioner.

The demise was gradual. On Friday it was apparent that the unit was not able to keep up. But this was explainable. The temperature in the house gradually rose and by the time Saturday came along–and after a relatively cool night to recover–it was clear that the equipment was not functioning within normal parameters.

That being said, there are benefits:

  1. Contributing in the battle to reduce greenhouse gases
    The obvious contribution is the reduced consumption of electricity. The revolutions on the electric meter are dramatically reduced. But there are some other side effects. It makes no sense to run the air conditioner in the car. Why be cool in the car, just to get out into a warm house? More savings here in fuel consumption; fewer greenhouse gases produced.
  2. Closer to Summer experience
    Living in our sealed, conditioned house through these many summers has left me isolated from the summer experience; the warmth of it all. The stillness, the heat and the humidity. A couple more weeks of this and I will be well-positioned for the freezing winds of winter.
  3. Enjoy the backyard
    When the temperature hovers in the 30C range, with air conditioning it is generally more comfortable to relax in the coolness of the house. Without air conditioning the outdoors, with it’s “cool” breezes, becomes a refuge.
  4. Open the Windows
    We can now open the windows and enjoy “fresh” air rather than that that has been recycled for weeks on end. And while there are some flies in the house, this too can be viewed as an opportunity to get back closer to nature. As I sit here and complete this entry, the background music coming in through the open window is that sung by the waterfall in our garden pond. A nice change.
  5. ENE
    Yes, Empty Nest Experience. The children, having never really experienced a life without air conditioning, have decided to spend more time with friends or deep in the cool caverns of the cellar, not to be seen nor heard.

Let’s see if we fix it.


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