Home improvement Update #3


The task at hand today was mostly infrastructure work. In the computer industry we often refer to this type of work as the plumbing: putting in place the common or shared components and linking them together. There is no actual copper pipe, lead, etc. in the computer industry however. The results of this work are for the most part hidden by the veneer of the final product and are often claimed to provide little in the way of “business capability.” Like a mess, if properly hidden it does not actually exist. Just a moment, I think I heard a tree fall !

It turns out that in the building industry there really is plumbing, but other than that, it’s just the same.

The labourers spent all day doing plumbing and electrical work. I think there remains some more work here, but we are hopeful that we will start to see the installation of the fixtures tomorrow.

They left a little early today, complaining of the heat. The air condition maintenance fellow will be here tomorrow. Obviously the benefits-based argument I presented earlier (here) doesn’t carry the same weight as being cool.

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