-2 Strokes


Today I dropped two stokes; that’s what the man said. A computer assessed my putting in five key areas and then compared my “score” on these points to best practices (as defined by the “pros”). The five key areas are:

  1. Club face alignment
  2. Putter path (top view)
  3. Putter Path (side view)
  4. Clubhead rotation
  5. Movement dynamics (i.e., tempo)

The technology used is developed by the SAM Puttlab. After taking the test putts a report is generated. Each of the five areas is reported in some detail, provides graphics showing my own averaged results, consistency of my swing and how I compare to the best practices. The reported results are interesting and I will consider the weaknesses they suggest in my future putting practices.

Linda took the same test. Now here’s the rub: her results were better than mine yet my putting is better.



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