Progress towards 80


As noted in my earlier post today, I had a 6:15 tee time. Today I scored 83; a milestone on the roadmap to my stated goal of breaking 80. There are a number of encouraging elements embedded in this score:

  • 10 of 14 fairways hit (71.4%)
  • 5 of 18 Greens in Regulation (27.7%)
  • 32 putts (1.7/hole)
  • 1 penalty

But the point that holds the most promise is that I was 8 over on the first 9, and only 3 over on the back. This is important because with such an early tee time I was not able to warm up; my warm up was on the first few holes which is where I got a couple of double bogies.

My guess that the bird was a Red-shouldered Hawk is by best match (the colouring, size and location are correct) and then by a process of elimination of the feasible alternatives:

  • Northern Harrier: possible but missing markings over eye
  • Rough-legged Hawk: wrong area (ranges is arctic)
  • Broad-winged hawk: This bird is smaller than the one I saw
  • Swainson’s hawk: wrong area (range is mid-west)


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