The Message


I stumbled upon the following summary of the message contained in the Bible by C.S. Lewis:

  1. At some point in the past, mankind learned to depart from God’s will and began to sin.
  2. Because no one is free from sin, humanity cannot deal with God directly, so God revealed Himself in ways people could understand.
  3. God called Abraham and his progeny to be the means for saving all of mankind.
  4. To this end, He gave the Law to Moses.
  5. The resulting nation of Israel went through cycles of sin and repentance, yet the prophets show an increasing understanding of the Law as a moral, not just a ceremonial, force.
  6. Jesus brought a perfect understanding of the Mosaic Law and a “new Law” of love and salvation.
  7. By His death and resurrection, all who believe are saved and reconciled to God.

The summary does point to a fundamental difference between what Christians would refer to as the old and new testaments: the understanding of love. While the Old offers what I always interpreted as a bleak tone, the new offers a much more positive outlook; an eye for an eye vs. turn the other cheek, for example.

Two different contexts for decision making which would result in different actions given the same set of conditions.


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