Surgical Strikes


The recent strikes by Israel have been described as “surgical” [1]. This conjures up images of those in that most trusted discipline of surgery executing their most precise practice. After all who would allow a person with a knife to do their job without a great deal of trust.

However, there are some who observer that the strikes are not surgical [2]

KIM HOWELLS: We’ve got no part to play in helping Israel to eliminate Hezbollah. And don’t ask me to defend the methods that they seem to have used, because they certainly haven’t gone for surgical strikes. They’ve been hitting whole communities. A lot of people have died as a consequence of it, and it seems very hard – it’s very hard for me to understand the logic of the kind of tactics that have been used.

Another analogy is that of the exterminator contracted to remove cockroaches from a home. But not of ones own home, but rather of a neighbour’s, in fear that the infestation will migrate. The method of extermination involves blowing up the house.


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