Home improvement Update #9


We are now preparing for phase 3. Phase 1 was building out the closet area; phase 2 focused on the washroom. Phase 3 will address the sleeping area. This phase will be less disruptive than the first two, involving mostly painting. But I am going to get an HDTV. The question is how to pick one?

I shall draw from a few perspectives: Analyst’s; Blogs; Geeks; and the “twelve-year-old-boy.” The latter source is a bit of a euphemism for that group of mostly young men who study technology to incredible detail and come to some conclusions as to the best product on the market. These conclusions are often based on a combination of emotions and facts. Just as an aside, often these people grow up to be computer people who end up dwelling on the most arcane points. Sometimes they end up as sales persons at Future shop. At this point they move into the Geek category. As well, I will do some basic research on my own.

So far I have got some data on the Analysts’ point of view:


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