Global Warming


It is argued that the actions of humans are a driver of the warming we seem to be witnessing. Never missing a beat, the auto industry has begun to develop and sell hybrid vehicles. A colleague recently purchased a Toyota Prius.

I have met several proud owners recently, all extolling the saving to both their pocket book and the environment. In a tone that moved from enthusiasm to gloating, my colleague reported that the car provided the feedback of “Excellent” when his average fuel consumption during his commute was 6.5l/100 km.

I belch in their general direction. A wimp of a contraption, its 1.5 liter engine pumps out a mind boggling 76 HP and 82 lb-ft torque. The looks are those only an environmentalist (or mother) could love. The cost is premium. You can read all the positive things Canadian Driver has to say here. But the bottom line is you buy this car because you think you’ll save money and the environment. Given its premium price it’s hard to determine whether money will actually be saved.

I continue to enjoy my Passat, that has the muscle to drive, and on my daily commute to work I consume about 3.36 l/100 km. The reason I belch: I’m having my cake.


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