My post the other day on my goal to reach 170 lbs prompted some feedback. Mostly related to managing my diet. To that end I was sent a link to The Calorie Counter.

I’ve stopped drinking beer and anything that has calories (except for coffee with cream). I did note that orange juice has more calories than light beer so I stopped that too.

My weekday eating schedule is quite consistent: I eat a bowl of fruit in the morning and a salad for lunch. I have some meat and veggies for dinner. I snack on nuts and dried fruit.

All-in-all, it’s pretty sad. I blame the whole thing on my Prussian heritage; My Great Grandfather, Max, looked like a pretty chunky guy.

I have cycled each business day for the last two weeks. Linda says she can see a difference. While I still weigh in at about 190, my waist is down to 36/37″ (or about 1 inch less).


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