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This morning I began the long and arduous process of upgrading to the new Blog tools offered by Blogger (Google). This migration will eventually have to be completed so my feeling was to bite the bullet and do it now.

Regular readers will notice a few differences, including:

  • The picture of Hertha Lake is gone
  • The “Flickr” badge is gone
  • The page footer has substantially less information
  • The links to the news group is gone

In summary, the newly updated version of this site, for the most part, looks substantially the same, offers less functionality and less content. However, the underlying tools set–the infrastructure supporting this blog–is materially more functional and capable, reflecting state of the art technology and concepts, and there is no doubt in my mind that it incorporates all relevant best practices.

This will offer me, as a blogger, to be more responsive to change; to be–as we say in the business–more agile. Certainly, I firmly believe that this improved agility will allow me to incorporate the missing capabilities of this current iteration of the blog, and over the coming days, months and may be even years you can expect to see incremental improvement towards the capabilities and content previously available before I made the switch.

As we part ways with the warm weather of summer, I believe that glacial progress is appropriate and consistent with the coming season (and given the trend towards global warming, progress may be the only glacial thing left, so let’s enjoy it in what ever form it comes).


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