Entry 339


I have been able to add in many of the capabilities that I dropped in my initial move to the new blogging platform. For example you will see the news items in the right column have returned. I think I’ll hold off on the Flickr badge until later, but it is easily added. As the blogging sofware matures I’m sure new features will come along that will enable me to add back the picture of Hertha lake.

But the good news is that Blogger now supports categories. In the past I had to simulate them. In the first instance, I put key words in the blog title; in the second instance I used del.i.cio.us coupled with grease monkey to tag an entry. A cumbersome process at best.

So, the reason I know this is entry 339 is because over the weekend I went through each entry and tagged it. In doing that I noted that one entry was missing. May be there are more missing. Oh well.

The good news of all this is now I can use the Camino Browser to add entries. In the past I had to use DeerPark (Firefox) because of the Grease Monkey add in.


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