Angus Glen


I played Angus Glen yesterday–the south course. I have been taking some medication for the last week to reduce muscle inflammation, and while I think there is still a ways to go, I did feel much looser. Overall, I enjoyed the game. Although I have developed a nasty slice on my mid-irons, my sand game has greatly improved. I am no longer afraid of sand. This is a milestone.

The course itself is very nice, although surprisingly not as picturesque–as it applies to little digital cameras–as some more modest courses.

The weather, in the end, cut the game short. As a result of a series of thunder storms passing by we were forced to stop on the 15th hole. In the first of the series, not only was there lightening, but very heavy rain. We were fortunate enough to make it to cover, under a near-by bridge. The second in the series passed just to the south of us, however we sought refuge at a hut on the course until it was gone. We could see the third coming in from quite a distance. We decided to run for it. We raced to the club house, arriving just as the storm did. A good choice; it was quite a downpour.


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