News Readers


For those who don’t use a news reader to survey the blogsphere, do. It makes keeping current with changes to the web sites you regularly visit much easier. The news reader does this by pulling together summaries of updates to all the sites that you subscribe to. If there are no updates since the last time you visited, then none are shown and you can skip that one and proceed to the next.

The question is which reader to use? There are no doubt hundreds of them. I have been using Vienna for the last year or so and am quite happy with it; it serves my needs which are quite basic.

Recently I’ve come across positive reviews of the recently updated Google Reader [TUAW: Switching from NetNewsWire to Google Reader; Lifehacker: From Bloglines to Google Reader].

Functionally, it meets my needs, but I’m sure most if not all readers would pass that hurdle. But the reasons I’ll switch: (1) one less application to host on my machine; it run in the browser (2) I can access the reader from my mobile device.


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