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Next Saturday, we’re off to Cuba to stay for one week at Meliá Las Américas. We have selected the golf package, which offers three rounds of golf for each of us. I’m preparing my reading list, as I don’t think we’ll be touring around very much. We did that last time.

In reading the reports of the hotel, the complaints seemed to be around the need to tip; a lack of nightlife (everything closes down at 10PM); and the generally older age of the guests. There were mixed reviews on the food. These I can handle, as I am generally in bed at 9:30, am older and am on a diet. Sounds like the perfect environment.

We were in Cuba two years ago, when we stayed at the Breezes Varadero. It was quite satisfactory, but on one of our tours around Varadero we visited the Las Américas and agreed that should we ever return it will be to this hotel. Like the Breezes, it is an adult, all-inclusive resort. Unlike the Breezes, it is walking distance from the pro shop.

I found some pictures of the hotel and include them below. I’ll supplement them with my own when we return.

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