Packed and ready to go

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Tomorrow will be an early day: departure time is 6:30AM, so with a request to arrive 2-3 hours before hand that means getting up around 3:00AM. A little earlier than usual, but not a stretch.

My friends at PhotoCreative received the camera cases for the new Leica today, so I dropped by and purchased one. It fits like a glove.

While I was there, I asked about external storage devices (so I can store photographs off the camera) and it just so happened that they had just received an Epson P-4000 with an 80 gb drive. A little more than I need, but I decided that I prefer taking this than lugging my laptop. I tested it out, and all works well. I stored a couple of pictures of our house on it, with the car parked in the driveway, just in case customs should request proof that it was not purchased abroad.

Jeff showed me a poster, which was approximately 24 by 36 inches. It was a picture of himself holding the new Leica M8. The quality was incredible: clear and no loss of granularity as a result of being enlarged. He told me that the picture had been taken with a Leica D-Lux 3, the same model I had purchased just about a week ago.

Below are two maps: the first is a contextual map of Cuba, where the yellow box highlights the area of the country we will travel to. The second map shows the hotel area. Click on the maps to get an enlarged version.


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